Making Faces. Loose parts in the finger gym.

Using natural and recycled materials, students have expressed creativity and visual representations of various emotions and facial expressions.

Finger gym - decorate the crowns with gems, jewels and loose parts.

Cc is for Crown; "Finger Gym" Activity: Decorate Crowns with Gems, Jewels & Loose Parts (from TishyLishy)

Finger Gym with washers and marbles

Finger Gym with washers and marbles fine motor skills. Maybe paint the washers and use colored marbles?

Balance the marble on the washers. Inspiration from Your Therapy Source.

“This week's Finger Gym. I copied an idea from Your Therapy Source. Washers glued to wood.

3 ideas for homemade marble mazes.

3 marble maze ideas: A geoboard and a large collection of elastics makes an easy marble maze that can be built and redesigned at will.