Exploring missing numbers with paint charts (",)

Skip counting/number patterns with paint strips. You can laminate them, so the kids can write in the missing numbers with dry erase marker.

Counting outdoors (",)

Outdoor Maths: Pink and Blue Milestones. Use chalk to count and sort items found outdoors.

Tough spot number practice with wet cotton wool buds:)

Tough spot number practice with wet cotton wool buds:) Number Recognition Activity - You could use this to practice number recognition and also number bonds. Find OR find 4 + 4

Understanding addition through lots of activities and resources. Maths is fun!

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Fun ways to incorporate math and statistics into the classroom

Pin This activity has students measure their height with yarn. Then they display everyone’s yarn on a poster and they compare them. The students fill out a worksheet using the yarn poster.


Kindergartners add the two sides of a domino and then put it on the matching plywood square. GREAT for seeing all of the combinations to twelve!

How many are here today? Ten frames and photos of the class. Will use this as part of our morning routine.

Integrating math into everything is key for learning and practicing the skills. This activity involves counting during morning meeting for attendance with the class. It also helps build a positive and welcoming classroom environment.

Free LEGO Addition Mat | Actividad de suma con ladrillos LEGO | http://www.legoactivities.com

Actividad de suma con ladrillos LEGO

Fun Dominoes Math Counting Activity for Kindergarten

Kindergarten Counting Activity

Fun, Simple Kindergarten Counting Activity for kids! Practice math with pieces from the game cupboard.

Asociacion N°-cantidad

Zahlen Domino Decomposing numbers with dominoes - start with a number in a circle and have students place the dominoes that add up to that number

Pick out a lolly stick and see who has the highest number. EYFS

BC Curriculum Kindergarten Math Pick out a lolly stick and see who has the highest number.