Colorful mandala - Silicon Roundabout by La Boca would love this as a rug design

Silicon Roundabout - Pomp Magazine - Illustration to accompany an article on the rising importance of Silicon Roundabout in East London.

Amazing Graphics by La Boca

Amazing Graphics by La Boca

Back For The Future - Nike - Promotional film poster and Hoverboard to accompany the international launch of the special edition Nike MAGs, the legendary (and previously fictional) sneakers worn by Michael J. Fox in Back To The Future -

scot bendall (la boca) interview

Shout Out Out Out Out 'Spanish Moss and Total Loss' - Normals Welcome Records - CD and gatefold vinyl artwork by La Boca

B.S. Johnson - La Boca

Johnson Paperback set - Picador - Book cover illustrations for a new edition of B.

La Boca

25 Brilliant Typography Design examples for your inspiration

Design by La Boca  #Illustration #Design #Art #Editorial #WiredMagazine #LaBoca

Graphene consists of just one layer of carbon atoms; it's incredibly thin, strong, transparent and conductive -- and you can make it yourself