Oasis - Favourite Band! Shame I Wasn't Alive In 1994

Simple binary opposite colours with a bold font represent the band's no-nonsense substance over style attitude.

i do not normally like brad pitt. however, fight club and snatch are exceptions...i guess i like him as a bloody badass. this picture is nothing short of perfection

An overview of the Brad Pitt Fight Club workout to show you just how Pitt built such an amazing physique for his role as Tyler Durden.

Noel Gallagher stories can be read at http://britpopnews.com #oasis

The swearing finger sign and the guitar presents the star as very taboo breaking and quite laid back, which further strengthens the band image.

Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden in Fight Club. Best fictional character ever.

Brad Pitt, as Tyler Durden, wears a pair of Oliver Peoples 523 sunglasses in the 1999 movie Fight Club.

fight club brad pitt this is your life and it's ending one minute at a time.

imagine others complexly

Noel Gallagher - leader, guitarist and songwriter for massively popular British guitar pop band, Oasis.

This photo presents the singer as very patriotic and gives the band a solid regional identity.

Roy #Keane for #Manchester United

The Roy Keane I knew: Former Man Utd captain is a decent man

Roy #Keane for #Manchester United

Kelly Jones from Stereophonics. Saw him live in the UK in 1997.

Kelly Jones, front man of the Stereophonics

Brad Pitt as Mickey O'Neil in “Snatch”, 2000

Brad Pitt in “Snatch”, 2000

Liam Gallagher

This jacket would suit a male or female model on a FC or DPS

eric cantona manchester united - Google Search

eric cantona scores against Liverpool on return from his exile

Amazing Tattoos

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I love the Sterophonics. Lost count of how many gigs I've been to now. Kelly Jones has the most awesome voice and song writing skills. Favourite phonics songs are "Same Sized Feet" & "A Minute Longer"

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Fight Club

Brad Pitt by Steven Klein - July 1999 - W Magazine - David Fincher, Fight Club