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Example of how lighting can be used in physical theatre so that action interacts with shadowplay.  By lighting a gauze cyclorama from the rear,  we can play with the scale of a person to the size of the hand shadows.

The vision for LX somewhat unrealistic. but shadows in the background. LS 31 front light as well. --- I like the shadow imagery in this picture. Especially how one image is very focused and the rest are faded, creates an interesting effect.

Stage Design // Drapes // Lighting

Love this use of twisty fabric lit from above using Fresnel lights and below using Par Can lights. Add in gels in were various shades of blue and pink and the look is simply stunning!

"The Old Man and the Old Moon" at Writer's Theatre!  Have never seen this play, but what an AMAZING set!

"The Old Man and the Old Moon" set. Patricia said she loved the style of this for the play. It might be a little too rustic for a NYC apartment but I get the 'storytelling' style of it. It would work well in our black box theater.

War and Peace at the Vulksbuhne, Berlin. Sebastian Hartmann

War and Peace at the Vulksbuhne, Berlin. Sebastian Hartmann - Okay, I like the idea of footlights or lights providing beams of light at the back of the stage. Maybe this is what sets us up with a backdrop for the show, not a scrim.