Waiting for the pips.

A magic telephone number! To enter inside the ministry of magic through the visitor's entrance, Arthur Weasley enters the numbers 62442 inside the telephone cabin. On a typical telephone cabin the letters under the numbers make the word "Magic"!

Mirror Ball container - Retro 70s products--My mum had one hers was orange

Retro 1970s Products from MoMa

Magic Painting Books

Magic Painting Books just needed to use a wet paint brush sloshed over the page to bring out the colour

Trafficators - on old cars before flashing light indicators

Trafficators - on old cars before flashing light indicators. Replacing the right hand indicator on our old Morris Oxford was one of my jobs.

Triangle - primary school music lessons

In grade two we had a musical play/band and the triangle was my musical instrument. I wanted the drums, but I didn't have musical talents, and I still don't.

This 1950s Cadbury Chocolate ad is really stirring up my sweet tooth! :) #food #chocolate #1950s #ad #vintage

A few boxes of Cadbury Chocolates will be given out this Valentines Day. This advert from the promotes the "thickly covered with Cadbury's Milk Chocolate" boxes of Cadbury Chocolates.

candlewick bedspread

Candlewick bedspread, - remember getting dressed under the covers on freezing cold mornings when the frost & ice patterned our window. No central heating or wall to wall carpets then!

Vintage bathcube and powder sets

Avision IS15+ Portable Scanner for Photos & Cards w/4GB SD Card - Scan to SD or USB Drive

{Violet} Vintage "Ashes of Violets" by Bourjois - Talcum powder & bath cubes set

Hogmanay wis never the same withoot a wee dose o' Andy Stewart.

New years Eve was always celebrated with Andy Stewart bringing in the New Year.

The Fabergé Pear, 1903. Pear by Michael Perchin. Acquired by Edward VII and Queen Alexandra.

Mikhail Evlampievich Perkhin - Pear-shaped pot and cover.Carved from nephrite, the pot replicates the form of a pear, complete with reeded gold stem terminating in a diamond and leaves in gold, highlighted with diamonds.

Camay Soap - with perfume worth 9 guineas an ounce!

or any tablet soap. How disgusting in comparison to gel? The soap bar would be a mess virtually after the first time of using it, and then you stood it on those horrible plastic mat things to stop them from sliding around

School toilet paper!!

Who remembers this ? - more like tracing paper than toilet tissue. You would normally find this in places like schools, hospitals and public toilets.