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Tips for hosting an event inside of an airplane hangar. The image shows the event decor which consists of pink floral arrangements on wooden tables.
Tips for Hosting an Event Inside an Airplane Hangar—Where Not Even the Sky Is the Limit
Take insights and inspiration from the grand opening of The Executive Hangar, a new venue in Fullerton, Calif. So, what's the best way to activate inside an airplane hangar? You'll have to read the full article to find out!
It's been about a year and a half since ChatGPT launched, making AI more accessible to the masses. Here, event professionals share how they're using—or not using—the technology in their day-to-day roles.
Checking In: How Are You Using AI in Your Day-to-Day Job?
Love it or hate it, artificial intelligence seems to be here to stay. Case in point: Brent Turner, executive vice president of strategy and solutions for Opus Agency, recently shared the results of an internal AI-focused survey the brand experience agency conducted among its staffers. The survey found that a whopping 91% of Opus Agency team members have used AI tools in the past month. Beyond that, more than half—55%—use AI tools weekly, and 11% use them daily. Click the pin for more!
Take a peek at Instagram photos full of steal-worthy event ideas to serve as inspiration for your next gathering.
8 Wow-Worthy Event Ideas BizBash Spotted on Instagram
These creative design, lighting, and catering ideas across live events around the world served up some major eye candy on Instagram. Click the pin to see what our editors double-tapped!
Uncover the future of events with exclusive insights and strategies from industry experts at the BizBash Leadership Summit.
An Actionable Path Forward
What's going to drive the future of events? This was one of the overarching questions posed to this year’s attendees of the third annual BizBash Leadership Summit, held in Las Vegas April 2-4. More than 35 high-caliber event professionals—from top experiential agencies, event tech companies, and brands like Disney, TikTok, and TED—gathered in person to discuss where the event industry is going, and (more importantly) where the industry needs to go. Click the pin for more!
Brands have long been honoring artist Yayoi Kusama's "Infinity Mirrors" concept, using mirrored walls and repeating shapes to create an eye-catching visual loop that immerses guests in an event theme.
18 Stunning Ways Brands Have Captured Attention with Infinity Rooms
In 1965, Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama debuted her infinity mirror concept, using mirrors to reflect her artwork and create the illusion of a never-ending space. The idea has endured over the last six decades; in addition to Kusama's regularly touring exhibitions, brands and event hosts have also latched onto the concept, using mirrored walls, floors, and/or ceilings and repeating shapes to create an endless visual loop. Click the pin to learn more!
At this year’s Run for the Roses, Churchill Downs unveiled a new paddock area with premium spaces, plus brand partnerships with The Unwell Network, Ford, and Sports Illustrated.
2024 Kentucky Derby: How the 150-Year-Old Event Stays Fresh with New Experiences and Partnerships
On May 4, Churchill Downs hosted the 150th running of the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Ky. In a photo-finish race, Mystik Dan was crowned the winner of the historic Run for the Roses. The victory was watched by a crowd of 157,000 spectators, including notable attendees, celebrities, athletes, and influencers, including Alix Earle, Travis Kelce, Lisa Leslie, Jack Harlow, Smokey Robinson, and Emmitt Smith. Click the pin for more on the 2024 Kentucky Derby!
May is Mental Health Awareness Month, but mental health in the event industry is not defined by a year, month, week, or day. It’s defined by actively making it part of your everyday awareness for life, Janice Cardinale writes.
How Event Profs Can Make Mental Health Part of Their Everyday Awareness
Janice Cardinale founded the Event Minds Matter community in 2022 to build brave spaces to amplify the event industry's conversation on mental health and well-being in the workplace. She is also board chair at Seneca Polytechnic for the event management and creative design program. Her mission is to bring psychological safety training to all workplaces within the industry in which she spent 20 years. Click the pin to see what Cardinale has to say!
CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Axios, and other media mavens hosted a range of events to celebrate the annual dinner in Washington, D.C.
White House Correspondents’ Dinner 2024: Inside the Bevy of Bashes From Big-Name Media Brands
This year's White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) Dinner once again brought together high-profile politicians, journalists, and celebrities to raise money for WHCA scholarships and honor recipients of the WHCA's journalism awards. Comedian and Saturday Night Live player Colin Jost headlined the evening on April 27. Click the pin for more info!
BizBash takes a deep dive into the newest tech solutions for events of all types, plus the latest must-know industry news.
Event Tech Check: New Tools for Event Engagement, Video Creation, Data Analytics, and More
Last week, we spotlighted 10 Industry Innovators who are leaning into innovative event technology to set new standards for engagement and efficiency. Whether it's finding new solutions for event scheduling, vendor payments, and sourcing talent, or using AI to create more sustainable events and travel programs, these pioneers are not just keeping pace with change—they are driving it. Click the pin to look at the newest tech solutions and industry news!
In modern event management, staying ahead means embracing cutting-edge technology.
Unleashing the Power of Event Tech: Insights from Connect Spring Marketplace 2024
In modern event management, staying ahead means embracing cutting-edge technology. Connect Spring Marketplace hosted a panel discussion, “The Power of Event Tech to Enhance Customer Experience, ” with VenuIQ Co-Founder Oliver Rowe and Heather Dow, Events & Management Plus Inc. (EM+) Director. What transpired was a dialogue and a lively chat about the transformative journey with event tech, peppered with real-world experiences and best practices. Click the pin for more!
The annual league event took over the city, setting an attendance record and offering locals and visitors alike plenty of interactive experiences to get them excited for the upcoming season.
2024 NFL Draft: See How Detroit Welcomed Football Fans with Community Pride
The 2024 NFL Draft presented by Bud Light was held April 25-27 in and around Campus Martius Park and Hart Plaza in Detroit. This year’s event set the three-day attendance record, with 775,000 making their way to Motor City to take part in the weeklong festivities, breaking the record of 600,000 set by Nashville in 2019. Click the pin to check out more from the 2024 NFL Draft!
Demonstrate event impact, and showcase your value using Smart Experience Design.
The Event Impact Equation: Measuring What Matters
Do you ever wonder about the true impact of your event experiences? Measuring results to demonstrate your event has met its objective and financial goals is the responsibility of every event professional. Leveraging this data proves your value within your organization, helps sell event strategies to decision-makers, and makes the case for continuing or expanding your event with bigger budgets. Measuring success is the ultimate pillar of Smart Experience Design. Click the pin to learn more!
To celebrate the beloved series' first-ever extended-length episode, Disney Branded Television transported celebrities and their children into the show's adorable animated world.
How This Star-Studded 'Bluey' Party Gave Kids the Full Hollywood Premiere Experience
If you have young children, chances are you're familiar with Bluey, the adorable anthropomorphic puppy who stars in the Australian TV series that Vulture recently crowned "the best kids' series of our time." On April 13, Disney Branded Television brought kids and families into the show's sweet animated world through a star-studded premiere event celebration of Bluey's first-ever extended-length episode, "The Sign," which aired on Disney+ the following day. Click the pin for more!
The video game developer and Spanish football league LALIGA demonstrated their commitment to "grassroots football" by redesigning pitches located in Spain, South Africa, Mexico, and Singapore.
EA Sports Kicks It Up a Notch to Renovate Four Soccer Fields Around the World in One Month
A recent project by video game developer EA Sports and Spanish football league LALIGA is a prime case study on how event marketing can be effective when you invest in community—and lean on local partners. Click the pin to learn about LALIGA's commitment to "grassroots football."
A recent study revealed that nearly one-third of millennials and Gen Zers want to travel to a sporting event this year. It’s the perfect excuse for event profs to roll up their sleeves and think up experiences worthy of paying top dollar.
Why Fans Are Spending More on Sports Travel—and How Destinations Can Capitalize on It
You’ve heard about the business-leisure travel combo, where an uptick in “bleisure” saw corporate employees bringing their family on work trips for the opportunity to squeeze in some R & R. Well, what about hopping on a plane to attend a sporting event? There’s no buzzword to mark the trend, but millennials and Gen Zers, in particular, are doing it more and more these days. Click the pin to learn more about why fans are spending more on sports travel!