Bjorn Borseth

Bjorn Borseth

I'm a glassblower, I like all sorts of funky stuff.
Bjorn Borseth
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samantha donaldson glass

Samantha Donaldson's molten glass will be at Lustre this year

David Patchen Handblown Glass

The Beautiful Hand Blown Glass of David Patchen I find glass as seductive as it is challenging.

City Lights, Toots Zynsky

Toledo Museum of Art in "Color Ignited: Glass . from June until September artwork: Toots Zynsky - "City Lights", 1993 - Filet de verre, fused and thermoformed - x 33 x cm.

Glass art by Toots Zynsky.

Toots Zynsky in glass: Filet-de-Verre, fused and thermoformed colored glass threads STUNNING!