Rainbow writing salt tray + lots of rainbow-themed literacy ideas

Rainbow themed literacy activities

Floating ping pong balls phonics Awesome idea and easy to do. Good for IP play time

Alphabet Sounds Fishing and Matching game

Alphabet Sounds Fishing and Matching game. Use ping-pong balls to practise letter names and sounds with a fun fishing and matching game for pre-schoolers!

Toujours plus de bulles

How to Make your Own Bubble Blower

If you are looking for a fun craft for the kids, read this post to find out how to Make your Own Bubble Blower. It is a fast and easy craft that kids love.

activity ideas

Tons of Pediatric OT, PT, and Speech Therapy Ideas. (I'm sure Rec Therapy can benefit from it as well!


A set of large wooden alphabet stepping stones. Makes outdoor literacy easy. Why not use at lunch times for word hop scotch, or create a letter hunt/eye-spy.

Matching letters with the base to make words. Great for phonics!

An interactive activity which involves students choose individual blocks with single letters on to build a word which is spelt out on a singular block. Great for practising phonics with younger pupils.

Mrs. Gilchrist's Class: Read It, Build It, Write It for SPELLING Words - Template Freebie

This is a great center activity for younger students to help them with their spelling, sight words, motor skills, and handwriting. I would use this as an activity center and have students work on sight words and/or spelling words.