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rat soapbox car

There are some amazing ideas and ways to recycle and reuse wheelbarrows. Don't throw them out, but instead try one of these wheelbarrow diy ideas on for size! Even the rusted out and ugly looking ones can become something amazing!

Ultimate Bug Out Vehicles | Found my zombie apocalypse vehicle…

Awkward and funny vehicles, strange drivers, etc. Awkward and funny vehicles, strange drivers, etc. You might also like: Funny Car-Themed Photos pics) Funny Car-Themed Photos. Part 2

This is a funny story/gun. This is a working prototype of a 20ga shotgun revolver made by Taurus  & brought to the Shot Show here in the US.... Everyone LOVED it, except for the BATF who took one look at it & said "Uhm... hey..that gun it TOTALLY ILLEGAL.." The end.

Brazilian arms maker Taurus caused a stir when it released "The Judge" -- a revolver that fires shotguns shells in addition to handgun cartridges. The Judge shoots gauge shells as well as Long Colt cartridges.