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Niamh Blaevoet-Fletcher

Niamh Blaevoet-Fletcher
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My brain can't take this!!!

Love both movies Oh my god I watched The Hunger Games and Catching Fire before I saw Frozen and when I did see the part where Kristoff says "That is Mahogany" I'm like "OH MY GOD IT'S THE HUNGER GAMES." But I never realized the other similarities.


I like how the mom laughs at them and runs to the bathroom to avoid peeing her pants and not help her child out of the puddle of soup and then laugh at them and run to the bathroom to avoid peeing her pants.

I seriously want to do this

Lol, my teacher passed around a petition to "ban dihydrogen monoxide" and everyone (including me, unfortunately) signed it. Then she proceeded to laugh at us all afternoon. Now I go around and warn people about dihydrogen monoxide.