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a living room with black and white striped walls, checkered flooring, two red couches, potted plants and zebra head on the wall
Winter Gardens | Cristopher Worthland Interiors
keith williams house beautiful | ... garden of a home in Munroe, Louisiana. L. Blaine Hickey photography
the curtains are hanging in front of the window with pink and green designs on them
Canopy Beds To Make You Feel Like Royalty
Aria Silk Brush Fringe
a close up view of a black curtain with gold and white designs on it, in front of a window
The Abigail Ahern Exclusive Collection at Hillarys™
green and white curtains in front of a window with the word's on it
Thibaut | Inspiration | Prisma Drapery from Woven Resource 12: Prisma
Prisma Drapery from Woven Resource 12: Prisma
a piece of green fabric with pins and thread on the side, next to it is an origami square
Roman Shades Weren't Built in a Day
Roman Shades Weren’t Built in a Day
a bench sitting in front of a window next to a curtained window with green leaves on it
a pair of slippers sitting on top of a floor next to a curtain
How To Use Trims In Interiors | No Chintz Interiors
a cat sitting on top of a window sill next to a red and white checkered curtain
Love the pleated edge detail
the curtain is decorated with gold trim and flowers on red and white striped fabric, along with golden tassels
Quintessentially English