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the sun shines through two large windows in an ornately decorated room with glass doors
Lattice work Solarium
the inside of a building with a fountain and windows
Peter Dorne
NJ Architect | Peter Dorne Architects
an old photo of a dining room with green walls and wood flooring, along with potted plants on either side of the table
The Verandah Room Łańcut Castle, Poland ——— #interiordesign #classicdesign #interiors #design #bringingprettyback #notaminimalist… | Instagram
a living room filled with lots of furniture next to a palm tree and potted plant
a green gazebo sitting next to a lush green forest
5 Beautiful Secret Gardens to Discover in Paris
an indoor swimming pool with lemon trees in the middle and blue tile walls surrounding it
an outdoor seating area with yellow couches and tropical plants on the wall behind it
MAYFAIR HOUSE HOTEL & GARDEN - Updated 2024 Prices & Reviews (Miami, FL)
three green and white chairs sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a table
Carmè Restaurants - Marsica Fossati
a green chair with a striped cushion on it's seat and wooden flooring
Ottoman Stripe - Emerald - Weave - Soane Britain
tables and chairs are lined up next to an empty swimming pool with green and white striped awnings
Gift Card for Albergo Hotel
LEBANON: Gorgeous new opening in Beirut with sumptuous bedrooms, a gorgeous rooftop pool and bar and top notch service.🍸️ #beirut #newhotel #luxury #albergo
an outdoor seating area with wicker furniture and umbrellas
House Layout And Renovation Tips | Soho Ideas | Soho Home