This is a painting by Irving Penn and it is of decaying/wilting Flowers and the materials used were acrylic paints. i like this because of the small details in the flowers and hot it looks real.

Iceland Poppy/Papaver nudicaule, Irving Penn 2006 Continuation of his original series on poppies, 1969 (Commissioned by Vogue for their Christmas edition) “I can claim no special knowledge of.

These beautiful set of photographs of decaying orchids, roses and leaves were shot by Billy Kidd, an extremely talented photographer based in New York. Usu

Billy Kidd - Beautiful Decay

Billy Kidd – Beautiful Decay ink make it fragile crumble the hardened leaf

Irving Penn Poppy: Burgundy, New York, 1968

scandinaviancollectors: “IRVING PENN, Poppy: Burgundy, New York, Pigment print, flush-mounted on board. / Christie’s ”

Rachel Lévy

(all images Rachel Lévy, her work is on show at Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, 17 Walton Street, London. Today while browsing la.

Irving Penn

Hannah Duckworth, University of Westminster Fashion Design BA

Rose 'Blue Moon' , London, 1970 Dye transfer print © The Irving Penn Foundation

Irving Penn Iceland Poppy/Papaver nudicaule (F), New York, 2006

Irving Penn - Iceland Poppy/Papaver nudicaule (F), New York, 2006 I chose this piece as I like the dark and muted colours within the flowers. I also like that the flowers are wilted as it provides great depth to the image.

Mouldy Apples - Irving Penn

Irving Penn - Red Apples, July 1985 Dye transfer print x cm).

French artist Rachel Lévy photographs flowers that are past their prime: wilting, fading and revealing visible signs of decay. Nonetheless, captured in the last fleeting moments before perishing, they are strikingly beautiful.

Decaying Flowers shot by French artist Rachel Lévy. I like this photograph as it captures the flower visibly going through the beginning processes of decay but still manages to look elegant.