Wonderful edible berries

In my large vegetable garden, I also have the finest berry garden. Here you can see the varieties I have …
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Blackcurrants – Ben Hope

Blackcurrants rhs tips cut out about one-third of the older wood at the base, using a pair of loppers or a pruning saw. This will encourage and make room for younger, healthy wood. Also remove weak shoots and low ones leaning towards the ground.

Blackberries – Natchez

Blackberries – Natchez

Strawberries – Ostara form www.blomsterhaven.dk

Strawberries – Ostara form www.

Flowering Josta berries from www.blomsterhaven.dk

Flowering Josta berries from www.

Wonderful berries from www.blomsterhaven.dk

Wonderful berries from www.

Josta berries from www.blomsterhaven.dk

Josta berries from www.

Black raspberries – Rubus Occidentalis "Jewel" …

Black raspberries – Rubus Occidentalis "Jewel" …

More gooseberries – unknown sort from www.blomsterhaven.dk

More gooseberries – unknown sort from www.

Gooseberries – unknown sort from www.blomsterhaven.dk

Gooseberries – unknown sort from www.

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