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an empty pool in the middle of a grassy field with trees and grass around it
accueil / home - Le jardin plume
Jardin plume Normandië
a field full of tall grass and wildflowers next to a large rock in the background
The Garden of Contrasts - James Van Sweden;
an outdoor walkway surrounded by trees and plants with water in the background at sunset or sunrise
Garten mit Herbstbepflanzung und Holz - PARC'S Gartengestaltung
Blickt man vom oberen Hauseingang zum See hinunter, scheinen die Grenzen zwischen Garten und Landschaft zu verschwinden. Luftige Gräser und Blütensträucher dominieren die Gartengestaltung dieses Villengartens, welcher aufgrund der Hanglage auf verschiedenen Ebenen angelegt ist. #gartenplan #gartenplanung #landscapearchitecture #landschaftsarchitektur #pool #garten
a stone bench sitting in the middle of a lush green park
Cliff Ridge Estate - Dan Gordon Landscape Architects
From the Portfolio of Dan Gordon Landscape Architects
some very pretty plants in a big grassy field
Planting Combinations
an assortment of flowers and plants in a garden
the long view
the long view | Taken at the Piet Oudolf designed Millennium… | Flickr
a tree with red leaves is in the middle of some flowers and plants on the ground
moss growing on concrete steps in front of bushes and shrubbery at the bottom of stairs
Groundcover Landscaping: Waikato Landscaping Company
There are two types of scleranthus: uniflorus and biflorus; we prefer biflorus as it's a more vivid green, and denser, whereas uniflorus is a more yellow-green colour.
an image of a frosty field with trees and bushes in the foreground on a sunny day
Tom Stuart-Smith
Trentham | Tom Stuart-Smith
the house is surrounded by lush green grass and shrubs, with purple flowers in the foreground
some very pretty flowers and plants by the side of the road
Taking on the Parking Strips : Part 2
In het groene hart van de buurt willen wij dat er bloemen worden geplaatst om het groen te variëren.
purple flowers and grasses in front of a house
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Anemanthele lessoniana (syn. Stipa arundinacaea) - New Zealand Wind Grass -zone 8-10 with lavendula and stipa gigantea
an assortment of plants and flowers in a garden with gravel path leading up to building
Sarah Price Landscapes
Sedum, Salvias, Origanum, Erigeron, and Stipa gigantea