Exhibition Making Room, Chloe Ostmos’ installation. (via patriciaiepure)

massmoca: Exhibition Making Room is open until January Make sure to stop and see Chloe Ostmos’ installation.

Imagine walking into a silent room where a woman is mending. Now imagine that she's sitting underneath 1,500 pairs of sharp Chinese scissors that are suspended from the ceiling, precariously pointed downwards. This was the idea behind The Mending Project by Beili Liu.

1500 Scissors Shockingly Suspended from the Ceiling

'the mending project' by beili liu is a performance art and installation project that consists of a shimmering cloud of scissors suspended from the ceiling. The artist sits at a small black table beneath, hand-stitching patches of fabric together.

Gormley was heavily influenced by his two years spent studying Buddhist meditation in India: "Using the body as an arena is at the heart of my work: looking at the body not as an image, not as an icon to be used for its symbolic or narrative purposes, but the body as an open place of inquiry and exploration that is constantly changing, that has no defined characteristics and we just have to watch, to attend to".

Antony Gormley: Firmament - Press View

Antony Gormley, Firmament, "Art is the means by which we communicate what it feels like to be alive.

"Berlin, Germany: 1,000 ice sculptures melted under the Berlin sun as symbols of the effects of climate change, drawing attention to a new WWF report on risks of Arctic warming. The ice sculptures, handcrafted by Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo, were set up in a public area by WWF Germany to show the direct effect of climate change in the Arctic on the whole planet and the future of humanity and nature."


street art made from natural elements.Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo created hundreds of sitting figures out of ice. The installation lasted till the last one melted in the heat of the day.

Kyung Woo Han Art Installation - Google Search

A feeling of sinking is something artist Ivan Puig explored in his installation Hasta las Narices and revisited in the installation Crecimientos Artificiales. In Hasta las Narices a white Volkswag…

Courtesy of Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Olafur Eliasson Creates an Indoor Riverbed at Danish Museum

ROOM ON FIRE. For his first solo exhibition at Denmark’s Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson filled an entire wing with a landscape of stones to emulate a riverbed.

Mark Wallinger, Study for 1000000000000000. 2012, installation, stones

Mark Wallinger, Site – in pictures

Mark Wallinger: 10000000000000000 - rock art sculpture - pattern and texture - installation art

Dozens of Cement People Dangling from Umbrellas in a Prague Office Building

These cement figures dangling from umbrellas within a narrow space inside the EBC office center in Prague are part of a installation titled Slight Uncertainty by Czech artist Michal Trpák. Check out much more of his sculptural work on his website.

Gabriel Orozco’s show at Tate Modern is Britain’s first major encounter with   this provocative and playful artist, says Richard Dorment.

Gabriel Orozco, Tate Modern, review

Artist: Gabriel Orozco Title: "My Hands Are My Heart" Year: 1991 Mexican artist

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