179 Pins
an old postcard with a building in the background and stairs leading up to it
Pietrasanta, inizi '900.
a piece of art with a person in the center and blue squares around it, on top of brown paper
“Artists for Liberty” Pietrasanta 2014 _____________ Collection of painted Berlin Wall fragments on exhibit
a painting of a beach with the moon in the sky and stars on the water
an art print of a carnival ride in the middle of town on a white wall
an artistic painting of colorful buildings with blue doors
a group of people are posing for a photo in front of a rocket ship sculpture
an art gallery with pictures on the wall and people looking at them in the distance
Fashion, Lli, Stage, Academics, Cl, Lab Coat
a man wearing a face mask standing next to statues
G.Ricci-Novara visita lo "S.Stagi".
an advertisement for the exhibition of ceramic art
Inaugurazione "Nell'Orto dei Sogni - sculture ceramiche" a Pietrasanta - Riccardo Biavati e La bottega delle stelle