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The First time I saw YOU, My Heart whispered "That's YOU The One".And in that moment I knew, it's always been you

I love him, I know I do. I felt a spark the day I met him...we have dated before but it ended so badly and now I'm afraid

He was my Best friend's brother's best friend. And gradually I fell for him. He knows I like him. I don't know how he feels, but I know I like him, more than I should.

You're a constant reminder of what we nearly had

Sucks having a crush on someone who doesn't like you in return or that's "unavailable" and "undatable" but it is what it is and I'm taking myself out of the equation. Friends it is and that's ok 👌🏼

Its okay. I understand. She's skinnier. She's funnier. She's prettier. Don't worry. I wouldn't choose me either.

it's okay. i understand. she's skinner. she's funnier.s he's prettier. i wouldn't choose me either

adidas + #cutoffs.

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