Vignesh Babu BM்

Vignesh Babu BM்

Madurai, Tamilnadu, India
Vignesh Babu BM்
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Test shot for modeling

Test shot for modeling


New Born Photography - How to Photograph Newborns.Today I just gathered 40 most beautiful examples of new born photography which easy trick and style to getting

Cat and mouse

This cat is screaming like a little girl. I have no idea why. it's just a cute little rattie standing there. on top of his head. with a great big grin on his little rattie face.

Geese at Sunset

These geese flying in front of the sunset is a technique using both reflective photography and motion capture imagery. I like how the silhouettes are highlighted by the rays of the setting sun.


*Do this of Ana fun art project to do with kids. they'd like to do big hair. I am imagining sharpie outline and watercolors


Items similar to PINUP art-Pinup girls-Perfect for framing-Cotton Sheet-Art Reprodn Applique Vintage Sexy Pin-up Girl Gil Elvgren-"Mimi sweet dreams" , 1956 on Etsy