Oh god this is too funny i need more ppl trying to explain cheeky Nandos. Only british people will understand this.

17 Times Britain Confused The Hell Out Of Everyone On Tumblr

Americans Ask What A Cheeky Nandos Is And British People Are Having A Field Day -- archbishop of banterbury <-- I'm dying!

You just read that second panel in Michael Caine's voice... | Larry the Cable Guy | Michael Caine | British humour | British wit | Proper English | funny

we need to start insulting people like the British lol

Britain just has boring straightforward flavors???? Can a British person confirm this<I can confirm

Britain just has boring straightforward flavors? Can a British person confirm this<I can confirm<<what?<<<yall are hecka boring<<< Poor British people and there boring Caprisun flavors.

Hhmmm... I don’t trust this “innocent” pineapple...

Goats butter and innocent pineapple. Sounds like an indie band.

This scenario is a little morbid because it would mean Will, George, and Charlotte all died, but still kind of funny

this is so funny help

Love Miranda

Miranda Hart singing Queen I Want To Break Free.

Very British Problems part 2 - Imgur

Very British Problems part 2

We Brits are terrible for apologising habitually (and usually needlessly) & often to strangers! K<<ikr we are terrible! Gotta love being British

"I don't know where we are, but it's Spain."

That one guy in the backrounf that's still looking left when she says to look right.

And that there was no lie greater than these “crash mats”. | 19 Pictures That Sum Up Growing Up In Britain

And that there was no lie greater than these

97 Memes That Every British Schoolgirl Will Relate To

I literally say this every time someone asks me to look something up on the computer.


Carol Beer is a character in Little Britain. Carol Beer is depicted as a receptionist or clerk.

Little Britain - Inspiration for character design additional hair has been added on both characters, teeth and sallow tones of make up has also been used. The make up here makes these characters look odd and like outcasts. This emphasises the comedic value of the charecterisations

Little Britain - Andy & Lou

Did nobody foreign realise this about my country before?

10 of my favourite Tumblr posts. Sorry if they're a little old or have already been posted. I just throught I'd share something fun. ;p

The caption before was from some dude calling Americans self absorbed because they don't know a phrase from another COUNTRY smh

Funny Single Women Quotes | quotes itas valentines mother mother quotes valentines funnyvalentine

Valentines Quote For Singles. I agree!

Matt Lucas. Little Britain. Vicky Pollard.

Little Britain.

This satire of the immigration system from Come Fly with Me

31 Things That Will Make You Laugh If You're British

Funny pictures about British Immigration. Oh, and cool pics about British Immigration. Also, British Immigration photos.