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SYN FREE PANCAKES x3 Eggs 2-3 Teaspoons sweetener (depending on own taste) 3-4 Drops of vanilla essence Seperate the white from the yolk and put into separate bowls, Whisk the egg white until fluffy and add the sweetener, In the other bowl add the vanilla essence then fold the yolk into the egg white.

OMG these are lush, I got this off of Minimins curtosy of poster "sweet cheeks" and they are divine! had them three days in a row for bfas.

Syn Free pancakes (they're low carb too) http://emsfood.wordpress.com/2012/02/21/slimming-world-pancakes/

This Shrove Tuesday I'm going to try two different pancake recipes. I tried the Slimming Pancake recipe as sweet and savoury (by missing out the sugar), and the Syn Free Pancakes as savoury - check.

Breakfast loaf syn free- pork mince and herbs to taste, hard boiled eggs sand bacon. Yummy weekend breakfast x

Breakfast loaf syn free - even though I am a veggie - this was too good not to share with fellow Slimming World peeps xx