Ferrero Rochers

Eat Ferrero Rocher candies ✔️ 05 Nov Yummy treat for myself- Felt like forever since I had one

Table Crystals

Celebrate only with wedding party diamond clear table scatter crystal confetti decoration gems pick color sold by beautygarden. Match it with confetti cone template,confetti creations and confetti decorations and happiness can reach to the top.

Personalised Ballons - Ivory

Personalised Ballons - Ivory

Disposable Cameras

Gift: Disposable Cameras Contemporary Hearts White and Silver (Each)

Floating Candles - Ikea

Ikea Fenomen Unscented Floating Candle, Natural, Pack of 24 Candles, Float when placed in water. Candle made of paraffin/vegetable wax. Each candle is 1 in diameter and thick.

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