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numb  wet feet on a winter  morning.  .smell  of  porridge when coming  into the  farmhouse

numb wet feet on a winter morning.smell of porridge when coming into the farmhouse


Gratitude Diet Day 6 - a walk in the country. Ruddy cheeks, muddy paths, fields and trees and hikes. Rain boots, scarves and hats and running back inside for a warm cup of something good.

a place for muddy pig pen boots!! So need to make this immediately as my daughter keeps filling the boots with water when we leave them upright by the door :)     <3 JH

Build this in the mud room at the back door. So I can wash the dogs, and in the same area rinse the boots off. For when i am working w/ garden chemicals tha i do not want brought into the house build this stand outside the back door.

Mulled wine cocktails for Winter weddings

MULLED WINE: INGREDIENTS 1 bottle red wine merlot cup brandy 3 cups unsweetened apple cider cup honey 4 cinnamon sticks 1 vanilla b.