Here is an urban Mini Manhattan garden. Even in small city spaces you can have a delightful garden!

City garden inspiration

*****mirror frameReflect the Sun: We talk about using mirrors inside to make a room feel larger, so why not take the same strategy outside and “double” your outdoor garden space? (via House and Garden)

Mirror behind old window frame in garden Trash Pickin' Treasures: A New Window

Put a mirror behind an old window & it seems you have cut a hole in your fence--watch out for birds though.

Definitely going to make a garden mirror gate like this to make my little garden seem bigger!!

Looking Glass Gate. It's a mirror mounted behind a wrought iron gate to visually expand the space.

romantic outdoor garden with mirror

romantic outdoor garden with mirror…

Rustic mirrors with fairy lights draped around them will look great in the venue.

Outdoor mirror suggestion for fireplace to replace planter baskets. Mirror tipped slightly to reflect rear gardens best. Outdoor Mirrors - great ideas for using mirrors in the garden - via Good Life of…

Flesh out the loveliness of your green space with the presence of garden mirrors.

Fascinating Garden Mirrors Ideas

A beautiful Metal Framed Tall Curved Arch Garden Mirror - Outdoor Mirror. Probably one of the nicest garden mirror ranges that we have added to the collection

Have a limited space balcony, patio or rooftop garden? Find out how to make a small garden look bigger in this article in these 12 garden optimization tips