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London / Bond Media is one of the leading Professional Web Design Companies/Agencies in the UK, based in London
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Custom Office Furniture - Conference Room Tables

Custom Office Furniture - Conference Room Tables

Take a cue from London's hip boutique hotel, Boundary, and create an office space in an unused alcove.

Perfect Home Office Interior Design - Interior design - our home office should look nice and energetic to stimulate you to work hard. Since lots of people are running businesses out of their homes so the home offices

Found a book that you heard is really interesting but is written in a language that you don’t understand? Or translating a note you do not understand?  Well, that’s not a problem any more. Thanks to those cool #gadgets makers who have launched a revolutionary product named quictionary mobile translator.

Quicktionary: Portable, multi-function, hand-held scanning translators that can scan a word or a full line of text and provide immediate word-by-word translation, including idioms and phrases.

Nike FuelBand activity monitoring wristband.  The pedometer has come a looong way!  This thing is cool! #gadget

Nike+ Fuel Band: It's not just a watch. You can set Daily Goals it light up from red to green throughout the day as you get closer to your goal. And it syncs with Nike+ website so you can track your progress. Launches Feb Cannot wait to check these out!

Cool Gadget!! Mini Microscope for iPhone..geek

We’ve come over all scientifical with the Mini Microscope for iPhone. Armed with a zoom, this pocket-sized wonder will turn your humdrum iPhone 4 camera into an instrument worthy of any laboratory.

#Social Media Marketing Quotes

Taking a risk is the only way that you will arrive at the success you so desperately crave!

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The 2010 Social Networking Map - Elearning Examples