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the new york city card game is open and ready to play
Tour Guide Layout
ZigZag City Guide -
many different colored papers are stacked up on the wall in front of eachother
Creative Roots
Stylized maps and a fantastic collection of cover art. CITIx60 city guide books presented by 60 creatives.
six books with different cover designs on them
Vintage PAN AM Covers by George Tscerny - adomedia
Classic PAM AM travel book tourist guide covers by George Tscherny featured on
an open magazine with many different pages on it
Marunouchi Map
Marunouchi map and illustration for Monocle Magazine by Hey.
an image of a man in the woods holding a bow and arrows with other images on it
Sean Johnston Field & Stream Magazine
a hand is holding up a map that shows the location of different roads and streets
New York Travel Guide
New York Travel Guide by Anastasia Gentry, via Behance #map #layout
an open book with pictures of buildings and trees on the pages is shown in this image
FPO: Lan Su Visitor Guide
Lan Su Visitor Guide, Sockeye Creative
an open book with a person riding a bike
Michi Girl · Le Shop Guide - The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.
‘Le Shop Guide – The Best of Paris for the Fashion Traveller’ by Michi Girl aka Chloe Quigley and Daniel Pollock. Photo of book by Sean Fen...
an article in a magazine about food and cooking with pictures of dishes on the table
Tokyo: The Monocle Travel Guide Series
an open magazine with pictures of cars and people
Monocle Magazine, “it can’t be found anywhere else”
Monocle, Ken Leung
an open book with pictures and text on the page, showing different things inside it
Print - Shop
a brochure with instructions on how to make a meat cleaver from scratch
Business Design News & Trends | Fast Company
8 | How To Make A Travel Mag As Visually Appealing As The Destinations | Co.Design | business + design
an open book with three different maps on the same page, and one is in color