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an outdoor fountain with plants in it and water flowing from the bowl to the ground
How to Create a Patio Water Garden the Easy Way {Video}
instructions on how to make a moss planter
blue flowers are hanging from the ceiling in an indoor planter filled with moss and other plants
Muscari string garden by String Garden. Photograph: Anne Dokter (And I think some of my orchids will end up like this)
yellow trees are in the middle of some green plants
How to get year round interest in your garden with coral bark maple
small landscape trees | ... in your garden with coral bark maple | Garden Design for Living
three potted plants in front of a black door
Japanse esdoorn - leuk de kleine bomen in betonnen (?) potten
some plants are hanging from the ceiling in front of a wall with potted plants
An A-Z Guide to the Chilled Out Bohemian Home
massed fern kokedama. Most of the ones on this site don't seem to be using moss to cover the ball, therefore technically string gardens rather than kokedama (translates as moss ball)
a hand is holding a miniature pond with water lilies and purple flowers
How I make miniature Water Lily and Lotus
Pim's Mini Plants: How I make miniature Water Lily and Lotus
red and green plants are growing in a black planter on the grass outside,
Potted Japanese bloo... stock photo by Leigh Clapp, Image: 0059845
Dramatic combo - Japanese blood grass (Imperata cylindrica 'Rubra') and black mondo grass (Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens')
a buddha statue sitting in the middle of a garden
Zen Garden 2
The art of living lies less in eliminating our troubles than in growing with them. ~ Bernard M. Baruch
a small garden with plants and lights in it
Small Japanese Garden - beautiful inspiration for quiet nightime garden spaces (gotta sneak in those mosquito-repellant lavender and rosemary plants first!) - pinned via '' - I think Barbara White is the photographer - beautiful work!
purple and white flowers are growing in the grass
Top 10 Plants for Clay Soil
Slow-draining clay soil makes life difficult for many plants. Not to worry: these 10 plants for clay soil thrive in it.
some red plants are growing in the dirt near a sign and bushes with green leaves on it
Imperata cylindrica ‘Rubra’: the Japanese Bloodgrass
Japanese Blood Grass - How beautiful this would be in a grouping or in a container
a potted plant sitting on the side of a building next to a small pond
Japanese garden #garden #japan
small succulents and other plants are in a hanging planter on a wooden bench
寒いけど  | beedama style
Succulents in a ladle? Brilliant.
Japanese garden in SUMIYA Shimabara,Kyoto,Japan 2014 Kyoto, Bamboo House
Colorful 4 seasons of Japan
Japanese garden in SUMIYA Shimabara,Kyoto,Japan 2014