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Patriarchal sex typing (where, usually, the wife or more giving partner revolves around the needs of the husband, or 'taker', who becomes increasingly narcissistic and, thus, empty) creates all sorts of dysfunction. You cannot have a healthy relationship at the sacrifice of another, period. Control, emotional undermining thru contempt, projection, dishonesty, scapegoating, labeling... Enuma Elish...

I have been married 15 yrs and am finally figuring out how to honour my parents and in-laws by being the best person I can be (in Christ!) It is not Honouring or Loving to allow someone to ABUSE you

نتيجة الصورة لـ Healthy Boundaries Worksheet

Boundaries can be a good thing, but some boundaries are unhealthy. View the detailed chart for a self assessment of your boundaries

Knowing the causes of stress and working on eliminating these is most effective in dealing with stress.

This list provides you with a resource for all of the physical and psychological symptoms you may experience during an anxiety attack, as well as the causes behind them. While you have experienced anxiety attacks before and are familiar with many symptoms

File:Graham's Hierarchy of Disagreement.svg

Hierarchy of Disagreement for referencing during discussions. Bottom tier needs modification before hanging in classroom environment.

When Fear Works & When it Backfires

Timeline of what happened and when to create what we now know as Rideout Health – Marysville’s very own local, not-for-profit healthcare facility.