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the diagram shows how to make a circular object
ninja phone stand - I couldn't find a pattern so I created my own. Patten is full size, just print and glue to your template material.
an egg is on top of some bread
Content Creation & Graphics
Content Design & Graphics
an ad for the author's book, attention authors, writes and writer -preneurs
Content Creation & Graphics
Content Design & Graphics
Cool “Matrix” movie looking female using a smartphone clasped with both hands. Wordpress, Technology, Remote Work, Website Design, The 100, The Creator
The Automator
Introducing next-level website automation for WordPress users
a colorful flower with the words content creator above it
Content Creator
Tips for business. Big or small...
a woman with a thought bubble saying is it time for a re brand? read it now
Dare YOU to be inspired:
Dare YOU to be inspired: Software Folder Invitation.
a menu for a wordpress restaurant with an image of a mojito and mint
brianjonesfrancis | creativity, technology and life…
a yellow smiley face with the words, today's best solution for driping content
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the landing page for an email marketing company, with icons and buttons above it that are connected to each other
Earn from what you’ve Learned...
Creating content begins with an idea, and then the software you use in-between realisation...
the text how to schedule instagramm posts in canva on a purple background
How to Create and Schedule Your Instagram Posts with Canva - Ileane Smith
Learn how easy it is schedule Instagram posts ahead of time so that all your followers can see them when they should!
a person is using a calculator on top of a book and notebooks
$50,000 Per Year Is How Much An Hour? - [Your Guide To Hourly Salary]
Earning $50,000 a year seems to be a lot of money. But is this enough? Do you know $50,000 per year is how much an hour? Dig more into the article to find out!
a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk next to a monitor screen with the words, thrive suite & apprentce course builder
#LMS for #WordPress
#LMS for #WordPressFirst Full Visual Editing Course Builder + More - Watch for New Integrations & Developer Kit.
a magazine cover with a green drink in it
How to Build and Maintain a Healthy Converting Website?
How to Build and Maintain a Healthy Converting Website?