Interactive idea! Have kids make their own tinfoil portraits/sculptures. Great after a tour of bronzes!

Make your own tinfoil portraits/sculptures. You could buy face masks and give students tinfoil. I think this would work. Would probably look even better on a black canvas or cheaper option, black card.

Beautiful!!    PULL | Kate Callan

PULL by Kate Callan. paper, string x Pull contains eight explorations of string formations when fully open. Some strings continue through the pages making it impossible to view more than one page at a time.

Biro Facial Features

It's really important to show annotate your work to explain how and why you are using techniques. Even if you don't like a drawing explain that in annotations and show how your improving your artwork

Stretched and Contorted Porcelain Face Sculptures by Johnson Tsang

Stretched, Contorted Porcelain Face Sculptures by Johnson Tsang

Wire head sculpture. Middle or high school.

technique example - blind contour drawing translated as wire sculpture Sculpture/ Wire/ Collage

textile poetry by Maria Wigley all rights reserved - embroidery , Textile Art

textile poetry by Maria Wigley all rights reserved - embroidery , Textile Art Mais

Sara Zin

[caption align="alignnone" "Intention VII" Oil on Canvas, 24 in. x 36 in.[/caption] Some remarkable portraits by artist Sara Zin. Zin paints using a pixelated style which show rectangles of shadows.

Jakub Kujawa

nailone (Jakub Kujawa), Cocoon (love this style, creating movement, not exactly but a feel of Marcel Duchamps "Nude Descending A Staircase")

packing tape, spray painted....THIS IS SO COOL!

plaster strips used but packing tape and spray paint would be easier. The web site has a good step by step ppt on the process

packing tape goldfish

is the title of Elizabeth Lee s packing-tape sculpture, which won the grand prize in the Off the Roll Tape Sculpture Contest. Lee, of

I hate this! Is there a pattern to the numbers and I just haven't stared at it for long enough? Or is it seriously just random? The site says 'I slowly fade into the dark;  the sun is gone, the day; the world is gone.' —Douglas Newton, from “Landscapes of Night and Day”  Photography Credit Nom Pourflickr  THERE NEEDS TO BE A PATTERN!!

Funny pictures about Timelapse. Oh, and cool pics about Timelapse. Also, Timelapse photos.

David Oliveira is a Spanish sculptor graduate of Fine Arts of Lisbon.

Lisbon-born sculptor David Oliveira creates delicate figurative sculptures using wire that’s formed to look like manically drawn ink sketches. Some pieces are hung by invisible filament creating the illusion of hovering in place.

sculptures by enrico ferrarini

Calco “a perdere” di “sara” on Behance by Enrico Ferrarini More Sculptures here.