Fusion Building

A sneak preview of the new Fusion Building.
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an aerial view of some buildings in the distance
an office building with many windows and wooden chairs on the outside patio area in front of it
an empty lecture hall with black chairs and white curved desks in the front row
a person standing in the middle of a lobby with trees and benches on either side
the inside of a large building with a skylight in it's center dome
a sign that says create lecture theatre on the side of a wall in a building
an industrial building with two large buildings in the background and blue skies above it on a sunny day
an aerial view of several buildings and trees
the entrance to an office building with three doors and a sign that says 5 on it
the kitchen is clean and ready to be used for cooking or baking, as well as other things
a table and chairs in a room with white bricks on the wall, and an open kitchen area behind it
the inside of a large building with wooden balconies and trees in front of it
there is a sign that says share lecture theatre on the wall in front of it
there are many chairs and tables on the roof