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an open window with wood framing on the outside
Adams+Collingwood Architects builds "inconspicuous" home in Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
Adams+Collingwood Architects builds home overlooking Salcombe Estuary
an unusual house in the desert surrounded by rocks
Splayed shipping containers form Joshua Tree Residence by James Whitaker
An office with a cluster of shipping containers, initially proposed for a site in London, is now being built in the California desert by James Whitaker.
a black and white house sitting on top of a lush green hillside under a cloudy sky
Shipping container concept would form an affordable studio
These renders by London architect James Whitaker depict a proposal for a low-cost studio space in Germany comprising a cluster of shipping containers
an image of a building made out of shipping containers
Stacked shipping containers form pavilion by People's Architecture Office
two pictures show the inside and outside of a house with wooden walls, windows, and wood flooring
MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple elevates cabin in Nova Scotia on concrete plinths
Point House by MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple
a drawing with lines and shapes on it
Site Suspended - This site has stepped out for a bit
Floor plan using Phi & Fibonacci by EarthLogeDesigns, "The golden section is used [to] create proportion and scale. Fractals are used extensively for layout and dimensioning. The resultant sacred geometry has self similarity which is found everywhere in nature."
four different types of doors and windows are shown in this image, including the door frame
These Mesmerizing GIFs Illustrate the Art of Traditional Japanese Wood Joinery
These Mesmerizing GIFs Illustrate the Art of Traditional Japanese Wood Joinery
a large wooden structure inside of a building
Gabinete de Arquitectura presents latticed brick arch at Venice Biennale
a room with wooden walls and flooring made out of wood planks on the wall
Hollow installation by Zeller & Moye uses 10,000 tree species
a building with lots of glass on the roof and some trees in front of it
Norman Foster's Maggie's Centre opens in Manchester
the building is made out of concrete and has an unusual roof
ARX Portugal's seaside cultural centre boasts wood framework
black and white photograph of buildings with birds flying over them
PBWC Architects uses 3D lidar scan to design Cornish house
an outdoor shelter with wood stacked in it
DeBossa installs timber pavilion in grounds of Dutch mansion
DeBossa installs split-level timber pavilion in the grounds of a Dutch mansion
an abandoned roller coaster in the middle of nowhere, with snow on the ground and trees around it
Fránek Architects' Sky Walk ramps around a giant slide
Fránek Architects' mountainside Sky Walk loops up around a giant slide
a large wooden structure sitting in the middle of a park
Kengo Kuma installs climbable wooden pavilion in Paris park
Kengo Kuma installs climbable wooden pavilion in Paris park