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three different types of wood are shown in this image, one is made out of plywood
curated contemporary art /// i’m jealous of elisa strozyk
Crazy cool wooden fabric by German artist Elisa Strozyk.
a hand holding a yellow origami object in it's palm
Origami Miniature High Density Hydrangea Tessellation – Origami Tutorials
Folding instructions, crease pattern & pictures to the Origami High Density Hydrangea Tessellation, a combined design by Shuzo Fujimoto & Peter Budai.
an origami heart made out of folded book pages on a white table top
Annwyn Dean - Rolling On! - 12th January 2017
Four Flag books - Annwyn Dean 2017
several photographs of different shapes and sizes of objects in the same photo, each with their own image
Richard Sweeney: Pleated Paper Coolness
two pieces of art made out of white paper
phuong thuy nguyen
Fabric Manipulation - textured pattern & structured surface creation; textile inspiration // Phuong Thuy Nguyen
the wall is made up of many different types of patterns and shapes, including wavy lines
Première Vision Paris
Karen Grigorian déplie un métier en carton. Mode Origami, Fashion Haute Couture, Haute Couture Fabric, Couture Fabric, Origami Dress, Origami Fashion
Mode : origami haute couture
Karen Grigorian déplie un métier en carton.
Une fois plissés, le moule et le contre-moule sont serrés entre deux bois… Geometric Fashion, Summer Projects, Fashion Project, Fabric Texture, Art Quilts
Aiguille en fête
Une fois plissés, le moule et le contre-moule sont serrés entre deux bois…
Nel Linssen - 1995 Jewelry Artwork, Contemporary Baskets, Paper Jewellery, Paper Beads Necklace, Fibre Art, Paper Artwork, Paper Jewelry, Textile Jewelry, Bridesmaid Flowers
Nel Linssen Papieren Sieraden Paper Jewelry Artwork 1995
Nel Linssen - 1995
a person is holding some beads on a table
Nel Linssen
This is "Nel Linssen" by on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the…
a large sheet of paper that looks like origami is laying on the floor
Les Maîtres d’Art - Plan du site
Fabric Manipulation with structured patterns & textures; folding; pleating; origami textiles design // Pietro Seminelli