Confetti filled balloons, sprinkle party. Kojodesigns van:

confetti filled balloons, sprinkle party Fill clear balloons with large confetti~Black & orange for Halloween, school colors, etc.

Fortune Cookie eggs

Did you get my message? Cutest message-in-an-egg idea! (well, I guess it is the only message-in-an-egg idea I have seen.but it is the cutest anyway!

Balloon in a invitation idea

Balloon-in-a-Box Invitation Idea. also a great idea for giving gift cards or tickets to something as gifts :)

swing swing with photo session

One of my favourite photographers Kristian Schuller has released an ebook of his magical work, entitled 90 Days, One dream. In 90 days, Kristian Schuller trav…

Send her an invitation !

So cute for long-distance birthdays: Write a message on a balloon, deflate, and send it in the mail :) For kids' pen pals

when you get out of the church !

A Subtle Revelry