Dave Gumble's work: 2000-2016

Media Clips of stuff I have worked on over the years
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an image of two men fighting each other in the game street fighter 2 for nintendo wii
Games Industry 2000-2010 - Dave Gumble's part in it
an old arcade game screen with the words, play and 77777
iomo - PubFruity - circa 2005
a man sitting on top of a chair next to a sign that says vodafone
iomo - Golf Club - circa 2004
2004-2007 iomo Collection
iomo 2005 - 2007
2004-2007 iomo
a group of people posing for a photo in a room with wood ceilinging and exposed ceilings
deltatre - 2011-2016, the winning team
2011-2016 deltatre
a close up of a lanyard id badge on a person's identification card
Dave Gumble - deltatre Web Project Manager, 2011-2019
2011-2016 deltatre projects
an old school video game with the title's screen shot and two screens showing different scenes
Stephen Longhurst
2006 - [QA] Thief, iomo, J2ME
the logo for aqua star is floating in the water
AquaStax Trailer
2006 - Aquastax [QA], InfoSpace, J2ME
an image of a cell phone with the logo for the video game soccer on it
EA Sports FIFA 08, Tetris, and Sims 2 Pets Trailer
2008 - EA Sports FIFA 08, Tetris, and Sims 2 Pets Trailer
a person holding a cell phone in their hand and playing a game on the screen
Snakes 3D running on Nokia N72 Thai [Level 36 Absolute]
2005 - Snakes, iomo, N-Gage / Symbian: check out credits at 7:25-ish :)
the video game has two people walking in an empty room with posters on the wall
Localfire's Grim Review: Prison of the six
2011, Grimrock: Prison of the six, fanwork
a screenshot of a video game showing the interior of a building with columns and pillars
Let's Play Legend of Grimrock "One Room Round Robin 2" pt 20
2012, Grimrock "One Room Round Robin 2", contributor, fanwork
a bald man sitting on top of a couch holding an open laptop computer
Rugby world cup app
2011, Rugby World Cup 2011, Official App, deltatre, iPad