love love love this. Makes me want to go back at it. Henry Yan Figure Drawings

"In the Shadow" - Zhaoming Wu {artistic nude female human body woman anatomy figurative drawing}

Hand Study 001, Zsofia Gyuker Art Curator & Art Adviser. I am targeting the most exceptional art! Catalog @

very detailed and interesting drawing which carefully shows depth and tones through the use of light and dark areas. interesting how strong the drawing is when pared with a simple outlined background

drawing 14 by katherine/jenkins, via Flickr

Artist unknown: title unknown [rear-view of nude woman's back]; drawing in charcoal on paper?

'Gorgo Spartan' by English contemporary artist Guy Denning.

Guy Denning ‘Gorgo Spartan’ Print Available

Pretty darn exciting life drawings, very exciting way of seeing. Who says when a drawing is finished?

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