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Kitschy Man Cave Decor: Skeleton Toilet Paper Holder.

Spooky Toilet Paper Holder Halloween is coming! Are You Ready! This bony fellows grinning every time the papers spinning. Spooky toilet paper holder is a most unexpected addition to your bathroom; a daring decorators dream come true!

Skulls: #Skulls lighter and ring.

this is just amazingly awesome, because what is better then a zippo? a skull covered zippo!

Sugar skulls

Does your morning coffee sometimes taste like death warmed over? Is that last cup of coffee in the pot at the office ominous? You can make that coffee sinister by adding these amazing skull and cross bones sugar cubes to your cup.

pretty cool skull bed. looks more like a chair to me tho!

Too much going on in your skull? A litte time in another head might alleviate that. Go on and let Atelier Van Lieshout's sensory deprivation skull chair ta.