I like the fifth + the use of placement of words depending on denotative meaning of word // Capital Magazine …

Uniqlo reborn

and art directed by Markus Kiersztan of mp creative in New York, Paper is Uniqlo’s in-house bi-annual magazine.

ThoughtSpot Data Visualization

Take a peek at our new color palette. Creating a branded color palette that works across hundreds of different data visualizations proved to be quite a challenge.

Editorial Design, Grid, Infographics, Infographic, Info Graphics, Editorial Layout

Cover Design, Magazine Covers, Brochures

Ruler, Infographics, Charts, Silhouette, Graphics, Infographic, Info Graphics

Neubau / Print GmbH / Prototyp / Printed Matter / 2002

Neubau / Print GmbH / Prototyp / Printed Matter / 2002

Corporate Identity Design, Infographics, Maps, Infographic, Info Graphics, Cards

Brand identity and brochure for global mobile communications platform Globetouch by graphic designs studio Bunch