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Perfect Wall House by Rauser Design

The client’s directive for durability and simplicity dovetailed nicely into our fixation with Dr. Joe Lstiburek’s concept of The Perfect Wall (also called Th.

cottage + big doors- this is sort of where I see our garage going. add dormer up for loft office for amar.

The Mill House in Skåne, Sweden by Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB. This is a guest annexe for the main house; an extensively glazed 50 sq/m cottage beautifully connected to its setting.

Architect Visit: Barn-Like Living (Only Better)

Copenhagen Guide: Interiors & Design Shops (Part 2)

Very desirable family house, Klokočná, Prague, Studio pha, white barn house…

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With the help of friends, they peeled back old wallpaper, restored the original hardwood floors, and made practical updates in the kitchen and bathroom. Furnishing the house was the easy part, due to Lindsea and Danny's shared passion for scouring old buildings, estate sales, garage sales, and antiques stores throughout Washington and Oregon. The duo regularly looks for items to both keep and re-sell through Lindsea's online business, House of Harvest. Ask Lindsea what they collect, and ...

This Antiques Dealer's 106-Year-Old Farmhouse Is Just as Beautiful as You'd Expect