Kolossi Castle is a former Crusader stronghold on the south-west edge of Kolossi village, 14 kilometres west of the city of Limassol, on the island of Cyprus.

Day 7 - Kolossi, Cyprus After enjoying a performance in Kourion, visit the Kolossi Castle. Built in the early century, the castle was used as a fort for Crusaders. Spend the night in Limassol just a short drive away.

Adonis Baths located in Kili Paphos, is one of the most beautiful and unique areas in Cyprus. Tradition says that Adonis the God of Beauty tended his horses in this place and hunded in the Akamas forest. According to Greek mythology Adonis and Aphrodite had many children here, the citizen of Paphos are supposed to be descendant of these two lovers.

Adonis (n.)Origin—from Adonis, handsome youth loved by Aphrodite Definition—very handsome young man Ex.—Joanna’s old boyfriend wasn’t very handsome, but her new one is quite an Adonis

Walk by old city streets.. Limassol, Cyprus

Limassol, Old city streets - in the quaint back streets with colonial buildings lining either side and the Turkish Quarter with merchants are keen to offer their wares.

Cyprus. Harbor at Kyrenia.. Idk where this is but I wanna go!!:)

Cyprus: a true experience in north and south

If you can't decide between the island's north and south, why not do both? Several companies now arrange two-centre trips and, as Sasha Bates reports, they offer a true Cypriot experience.

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