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925 Sterling Silver - Green Sea Glass Handmade Ring | Breena Jewellery, Portishead UK
a necklace with the words, the healing power of nature
925 Sterling Silver - Sea Glass & Pearl Jewellery | THE HEALING POWER OF NATURE
Sea glass is not just some fancy pebble. It is like a calming force against a storm, radiates its own unique energy and positive vibe that makes it really powerful to help you calm the mind, body and spirit. Sea glass strengthens faith in the self and trust in the universe therefore it is a perfect companion through all stages in life. Holding a piece of Sea Glass can be a powerful tool to connect with the energy of the ocean- including your inner ocean- to empower the soul, align the body, mind and spirit. Invite positive energy and light into your life and keep your intentions close to your heart every day with our Sea Glass necklaces. As a result this amulet will bring you guidance to your inner path. Shop our meaningful Sea Glass jewelery at <3