Salvador Dali- Ive seen this painting in person - it is unbelievable .

I'm a big fan of Salvador Dali and his works and when I saw this tribute I knew I had to share this with you guys. This Tribute was done by Martin Grohs, a 24 year old artist and designer based in Germany. Enjoy the Surrealism!


salvadordali-art: “ Dali’s Hand Drawing Back The Golden Fleece In The Form Of A Cloud To Show Gala,Completely Nude,The Dawn,Very,Very Far Away Behind The Sun 1977 Salvador Dali ”

butterflies by Salvador Dali | ...

butterflies by Salvador Dali wings along the flower stem are after this painting by salvador dali


Today we present you with the surrealistic visionary paintings of German-born artist, Siegfried Zademack. pic and info: Siegfried Zade

Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí on his rooftop studio.(So much Dali, indeed. However he was one of the most photographed artists of our time. He loved it too.

10 Nonconformists On How They Changed The World

10 Nonconformists On How They Changed The World

Salvador Dali

The Dali Cyclops, a collaboration between Salvador Dali and photographer Philippe Halsman, 1953

Salvador Dali.

Salvador Dali - Young Virgin Auto-Sodomized by the Horns of Her Own Chastity - Salvador Dali, 1954