I really like Madonna, by Munch, as the black colour's used in this is extremely…

Reserved for Arabella - Art Nouveau Edvard Munch Print, Madonna Loving Woman Conception Print, Vintage Color Lithograph Book Plate

Edvard Munch, Young woman on the shore, 1896, symbolism, The Munch Museum

Young Woman on the Beach, 1896 by Edvard Munch. Young Girl on the Beach is a gentler meditation on loneliness. The man is removed from the scene, and our gaze rests solely on the fragile figure of the girl, lost in a reverie as she looks out to sea.

Friedrich Nietzsche - Edvard Munch, 1906

Friedrich Nietzsche - Edvard Munch, 1906 Project idea: have the students create a portrait of a famous artist in their style. Good research project possibly too

"Reaching through Distance. Love separated unwillingly"  LG    Edvard Munch…

Edvard Munch: Eye in Eye Oil on canvas. The Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway.

* Salvador Dalí - - - The Eye of Surrealist Time - 1971

This image by Salvador Dali has created unity by having repletion of the leading lines leading us to all the main features of the image.

Salvador Dali

Surrealistic painter José Roosevelt is artist fascinated by the surrealism of Dalí and his amazing compositions are full of dream-like and symbolic images.