Moon mural

kateoplis: “Michael Light, Full Moon in Belgium by Corey Arnold ”

Bat. Girl.

When I was growing up all I wanted to be was bat woman.


This is a montage from a Elle fashion magazine. I like the idea of taking fragments of photos and combining them to form a peculiar piece of art. I wish to use this to form a portrait myself.


Council for Design — dalatdesigns: Sophie Tajan studying photography.

Cat's eyes

Find best of perfectly timed photos from sports, nature and of animals. These perfectly timed images are the perfect example of great photography.

Credit: © Jake Chessum/Proud Camden Primrose Hill, London, February 2004

Amy Winehouse: For You I Was A Flame - in pictures

Had she lived, Amy Winehouse would have turned 30 on 14 September. These famous images can be seen at Proud Camden

Three Cubes Colliding

Art & Installation “Little Shining Man” is kite conceived by Heather and Ivan Morison, designed by Sash Reading, engineered and fabricated by Queen & Crawford. It features 1700 printed connectors, carbon fibre rods and cubenfibre aerospace fabric.

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