Sweet Potato Wedges made in the #breville #halo health fryer.

A great alternative to the traditional potato, these sweet potato wedges are packed full of flavour and pack a spicy punch.

Onion and Coriander Bhajis #recipe

Onion and Coriander Bhajis (substitute flour for corn flour and cook in airfryer)

Our Chicken Korma Halo fryer recipe can be made in just 30 minutes with no fuss

You can't beat a classic chicken bhuna recipe and this recipe is exactly that. Plenty of flavour, a kick of spice and tender chicken pieces. Cheaper than a takeaway this delicious chicken bhuna recipe is easy to make which means it is perfect for a weeken

The always versatile Breville #Halo Health #Fryer has several tricks up its sleeve – and one of our favourites is this recipe for yummy cajun spiced potato wedges. Easy, delicious and healthy.

These delicious spicy potato wedges can be served with creamy garlic and Parmesan cheese dipping sauce. You will love this fantastic potato wedge recipe.

American Jam Doughnuts #recipe.

American Jam Doughnuts - breville fryer syns each using sugar and 1 tsp low sugar jam)

Halo Fryer Vegetable Bean Chilli

When the weather turns chillier, many of us turn to heavier comfort food recipes. Hearty stew and chili might warm you up on a cold evening, but they're not exactly the best recipes for weight loss. Ground beef is high in

Green Vegetable Tempura with Sticky Dipping Sauce. A traditional Japenese dish which involves deep frying vegetables or shrimp in batter.

Green Vegetable Tempura with Sticky Dipping Sauce. is a traditional Japanese dish which involves deep frying vegetables or shrimp in batter. Try our sticky dipping sauce for a truly tasty dish!

Our #recipe has been made with brown sugar to caramelise, and raspberries for a fruity finish.

Cook up a French classic Crème Brulee in the Breville Halo fryer, at kitchware the online housewares store

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