Adhesive tape tin packaging

Adhesive tape tin packaging - my Momma always had this; she would put it over a splinter and claim it would "draw" the splinter out because it was so sticky and usually it did if the splinter wasn't too deep.

Animal Magic - Johnny Morris

Animal Magic - johnny Morris, awww remember his lovely singsong voice

Watch with Mother - lunchtime TV during the week

Watch with Mother - black & white lunchtime TV programmes for little ones and their mummies, including Andy Pandy, Bill & Ben, The Woodentops, etc.


Daktari was a TV series about Dr. Marsh Tracy & his family and friends working as veterinarians at Wameru Study Center for Animal Behaviour located in East Africa. The series itself was a spin-off of a movie "Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion". i loved this

Oh realised (til much later) he was tippling lots while making his cooking series He always said "add a slurp of wine" to everything

rechercher: Graham Kerr enjoys a nice glass of something on the cover of The Galloping Gourmet Television Cookbook, via living-in-retro-world:. i remember my mom watching him

70s television shows - The Waltons

The Waltons. I think we thought of ourselves as the Walton's .we had a lot of kids and a Mary Ellen! Did the "Good Night Mary Ellen, good night John Boy" a lot

Bill and Ben. I'm almost embarrassed by the amount of Black and White TV images on this board!

Watch with Mother: Bill & Ben the Flower Pot Men - and Little Weed. Wednesdays on the BBC. That little weed - she thought she knew everything.