Definitely want a shot from above in the staircase!

Love the angle.shooting down right above the bride going down the stairs. What a gorgeous shot!

unique wedding photos

{Special Wednesday} Unique Wedding Photo Ideas

Silhouette Wedding Photo: Wedding Picture Ideas I'm not sure where we could get a silhouette picture at the venue, but I really like how this looks!

wedding photo idea

wedding sparklers a very romantic addition to your wedding photo's. Cute Wedding photo but I love Light Painting with my camera. Love the middle picture!

Wedding photo with the maid of honor and best man

Perfect shot of the bride and groom while the maid of honor and the best man form a heart. (Or anybody)Absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

black and white wedding pictures with pink and antique white roses- love! Or focus on the flowers and have the bride and groom blurred in the background!

wedding poses

The group photo (girls covering their faces with bouquets, guys with their backs turned) I like. And I like how they got the groom's shoes and shirt, adds a twist to just taking the bride's dress. Also liked the guy group photo.

Creative Wedding pose

Creative Wedding pose, I tried this picture frame idea with the MOH and BM, but this is a nice variation!

Wedding Poses

color of bridesmaids the green bridesmaid dresses go perfect with the Kelly Green Sand-Allz

Wedding pose with temple in the background though

This would be a cool pose in front of the copper cross fountain.