Popping The Question!

Is he dithering? Does he need a little shove in the right direction? Leave your laptop open at this page and maybe.... just maybe..... he'll get the hint. Good Luck!
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if someone proposed like this, I would laugh. and then cry. :')

wedding propose Boy want to hear a joke? girl sure, boy knock knock, girl who's there? boy marry, girl marry who? Boy Marry Me?

Message inside an egg - most cool!

Cute Idea for the adults Message in an Egg! egg: small holes in the oposite ends of raw egg using a needle. gently to remove excess; let dry. w/ plastic paints. message on a thin strip of paper, roll up & put in the larger hole of the egg.

Follow this one to the end - it's priceless!

Funny pictures about Proposing like a true boss. Oh, and cool pics about Proposing like a true boss. Also, Proposing like a true boss.

An Autumnal Proposal!

Looking for some more ideas on how to proposal to the love of tour life? Check out these adorable wedding proposal ideas. We loved the pumpkin proposal!

Love this one!

Pete wanted to propose to his girlfriend Shannon, so he went to a Mexican restaurant and spelled out his his proposal in a photo booth. Pete then stuck the strips on their fridge, and Shannon discovered it while they were cooking pasta. How sweet is that?

Chocolate Proposal!

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