This subtle yet sparkly mani is so chic for a bride!

15 Unique Wedding Manicure Ideas

Wedding nails

Fill your nails with this wonderful ensemble of glitters and beads! This French manicure starts off with a clear base coat and lined with thick white coating and silver glitter for the tips. Beads are added to further accentuate the nail design.


Top 50 Most Stunning Wedding Nail Art Designs

Wedding Nails

Wedding Nails: 5 Unique Manicures for your Perfect Bridal Look

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Capture a shot of you and your bridesmaid's glamorously painted nails forming the shape of a heart ♥

21 Wedding Photo Ideas for your Bridal Party

Bridesmaid Picture - Bride should be the top of the heart with white nails and her ring on! Bridesmaid's nails should reflect the wedding colors.

Wedding nails

Discover some lovely wedding nail designs for your special day and look astounding dazzling everyone around!

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